Scratchers MK Mugen Project

Recreating the good old times


14.07.2011       Download for Sonya available:

                        Sonya is also back up again. She also                         includes the new blood system, Stage                         Fatality for Scorpion‘s Lair, special                              stage jingles for my stages, tweaked                         Fatality system and stumbling                         backwards reaction when hitting the                         opponent with standing punches


12.07.2011       2nd Reptile Update:

                        -all Sprites and Colour Pallettes have                           been updated                                                    -added Classic and Tactical Mode                                 -fixed Bug when shooting Ice                              -added stumbling backwards reaction                           when punching an enemy several                           times                                                                 -he changes his stance while he is not                           standing or walking                                           -changed Stage-Fatality key combo to                           Uppercut                                                            -you now need to win 1 round before                           you can perform a Fatality                                -some minor tweaks

                        If you use an older version, please                         delete him before adding the new                         one


07.07.2011       Download for Raiden available:

                        Raiden is back up again with some                         updates. He includes new blood sprites,                         Stage Fatality for Scorpion‘s Lair,                         special stage jingles for my stages and                         some small tweaks.