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Recreating the good old times


A martial arts superstar trained by Great Masters from around the world, Cage uses his talents on the big screen. He is the current box-office champ and star of such movies as Dragon Fist and Dragon Fist II as well as the Award-Winning Sudden Violence.

Johnny Cage

A Mercenary, Thug, Extortionist Thief - Kano lives a life of crime and injustice. He is a devoted member of the Black Dragon, a dangerous group of Cut-Throat Madmen feared and respected throughout all of crime's Inner Circles.


Once a member of the super secret White Lotus Society, Liu Kang left the organization in order to represent Shaolin temples in the Tournament. Kang is strong in his beliefs and despises Shang Tsung.

Liu Kang

The name Raiden is actually that of a deity known as The Thunder God. It is rumored he received a personal invitation by Shang Tsung himself and took the form of a human to compete in the Tournament.

Like Sub-Zero, Scorpion's true name and origin are not known. He has shown from time to time distrust and hatred towards Sub-Zero. Between Ninjas, this is usually a sign of opposing clans.


Sonya is a member of a top U.S. Special Forces unit. Her team was hot on the trail of Kano's Black Dragon organization. They followed them to an uncharted island where they were ambushed by Shang Tsung's personal army.

The actual name or identity of this warrior is unknown. However, based on the markings of his uniform, it is believed he belongs to the Lin Kuei, a legendary clan of chinese ninja.



Reptile sevres as Shang Tsung's bodyguard during the tournament. Renowned for his stealth and loyalty, he serves shang Tsung. But instead of power, he is obessed with finding the last of his species, the Saurians, and freeing his homeworld from Outworld. A quest so important to him, it causes temporary fits of rage.

A musical star that is skilled in the art of kickboxing, Dee Jay searches for inspiration for a new musical sound which he found at a previous tournament. Now he seeks to become more famous, and when he is invited to Mortal Kombat, he sees this as the opurtunity he was waiting for.


A student of the late Gouken, Ryu travels the world looking for challenging fights, hoping to learn what he can of the martial arts. The wandering warrior has seen his fair share of interal struggles, and has freed himself of the evil intent within him. Raiden has asked Ryu to join Mortal Kombat, hoping the King Of Street Fighters would save Earthrealm should Liu Kang fail.


This cybernetic assasin is the first of a series of cyborgs. Cyrax is a loyal member of the Lin Kuei, and willingly volunteered to the automation process. Still loyal to the Lin Kuei, Cyrax was sent to the tournament to take over Sub-Zero's mission should he fail.



No one knows where she came from, but Sindel is acutally the queen of the fallen realm of Edenia. She killed herself after Outworld conquered her realm, killed her husband and kidnapped her daughter. However, she was planed to be revived in Earthrealm by a deal with Shao Kahn and a fallen Elder God. But after seeing Earthrealm in the same danger as Edenia was, Sindel was prematurly revived, with revenge against Shao Kahn's minions on her mind.


An up-and-coming police officer of New York City, Kurtis Stryker is the best the police academy has got. He has a strong sense of justice, and is skilled at the use of police weaponry. For his graduation assignment, he has been hired by Jaxxson Briggs to go to Shang Tsung's island on a mission. He must rescue Lt. Sonya Blade and her team from captivity.


This ninja warrior is an enigma. No one knows who he is or where he came from. Watching the tournament in hiding, Ermac has decided to interfere in the tournament to prove his existence to both realms. Ermac has the power of telekinesis, and is heard to refer to himself as a multiple person.